Here I will post project ideas for graduation and semester projects in Information Engineering Faculty

Projects I can supervise

  • Building a caching HTTP load balancer using C The most famous HTTP load balancer (haproxy) does not include the ability to cache responses, here we want to create a HTTP proxy called proxyHttp for example and it should support many features including different load balancing algorithms, logging capabilities, high performance proxy and caching server. An example of caching load balancer is varnish difficulty 10/10
  • Ansible deployments This project is an improvement over ansible tool to enable it to deploy clusters of servers as a whole with minimal interaction from systems administrators. Here we will create something like this tool difficulty 9/10
  • Ansible tower alternative This project aims to create a web interface to run ansible using it for visualizing the automation of the entire infrastructure using ansible tool. The result of this project must replace this software difficulty 8/10
  • Load balanced web infrastructure using ansible In this project we will create a web cluster which includes haproxy load balancer varnish cache server, apache and nginx backend servers, these will be used to host a PHP website of choice with optionally a database cluster. Ansible will be used for automation. difficulty 8/10
  • A complete software pipeline from development to production using jenkins jenkins can be used to create a continuous integration and deployment pipeline to deploy code for any project from development to production environments. In this project we will show how it can be used to automate testing and deploying code to servers. difficulty 7/10
  • Asynchronous Messaging using RabbitMQ or Redis In this project we will deploy a highly available, fault tolerant and scalable cluster using RabbitMQ and Redis and test how we can send and receive messages to them using a web interface and evaluate the performance of the two solutions. difficulty 7/10
  • A search cluster using Apache Solr Solr is a popular, blazing fast and open source enterprise search platform, it is built on top of Apache Lucene, in this project we will deploy a search cluster using it and create a web interface to index data into Solr and search into indexed data, it is preferable to use Python for the web interface. difficulty 7/10
  • Chat application In this project we will build a fast and scalable chat app using micro-services, this app will have the ability to create private and group chats with user profiles and additional features to help development teams communicate with each other. difficulty 7/10 not available
  • Web interface for DPI Deep Packet Inspection works on analyzing network packets and extracting information from them, in this project we will build a python module for inspecting some common application protocol packets such as HTTP, DNS, etc… and API to use the module and a web interface that calls the API, at the end we will have a web application for reading pcap files and displaying them in a web browser interface. not available difficulty 7/10
  • Performance evaluation of Database clusters and load balancers A previous team (Aalaa Albesheny and Ibrahim M Alfeel and Taimaa Ibraheem) did a project about the deployment of database clusters using NDB and percona cluster with haproxy and proxysql load balancer, here in this project we will use their work after getting their permission and evaluate the performance of read versus write operations using NDB and percona with proxysql and haproxy load balancers. difficulty 6/10
  • DCOS DCOS is a distributed cloud operating system that can be used to deploy software on multiple machines and manage them from a single interface it uses Apache Mesos as low level backend for scheduling work loads on servers. difficulty 6/10
  • Storage Clusters This project we will deploy two types of storage clusters, GlusterFS and LizardFS and compare them.not available difficulty 6/10

Projects I cannot supervise

  • Paralyzing algorithms with MapReduce MapReduce is a distributed computing framework which allows to divide applications into tasks and sending these tasks to multiple machines and getting results from all of them, here an algorithm will be selected and implemented using MapReduce. difficulty 9/10
  • Video Game A previous project by (Ali Ratel, Hasan Alkhayer and Emad Eslamboly) created a video game using Unity Game Engine, we can get their permission to use the code and improve the game. difficulty unkown
  • Image Search Engine A previous project by ( Adam Oudaimah, أكرم قاسم and Mohammad Ali), created a ML model for captioning images, in this project we will build a web application that crawls images on the web, convert them to text and store them in a database then make it searchable using the web interface. difficulty 9/10
  • IRP (Intelligent Routing Platform) In this project we can use IRP Lite to discover how intelligent routing can work. difficulty unkown